Welcome, click on the image below to access our Free Worldwide EZines

Click on the image above to access our Free Worldwide EZines

We provide EZines and talk about all forms of destructive behaviours, addictions to legal or illicit drugs/self-harming and self-injury.  Which we may turn to as coping methods when we are feeling dissatisfied with ourselves or life.  Coping methods aren't the solution, and they may cause long term harm.

 We aim to encourage self-help and increase awareness of harm caused by coping methods and encourage harm reduction.  To increase well being & satisfaction within self and with life. 

Please send us an email with your story or send us some feedback?

Accept & Adapt is a Self-Help Project.  

     This is an unfunded Project


Sue OzO


Accept Adapt founded in 2006 by Sue OzO

SPEAR founded in 1997 by Sue OzO

Sue OzO